rhys hemming vs. the world

vol. 2

Jun 26

Anonymous said: unchar I just messaged you, and this is crazy, but take this survey: tumblrbotDOTnet - free gift card baby. Love, TumblrBot

why am i getting these on this blog

Jun 22

Anonymous said: unchar; you have been invited to PeepsPayer(.)com by one of your followers - where it's easy to make $ with your blog.

fuck away

Jun 8

Anonymous said: I seriously can't even believe this.. they're STILL giving free stuff away at TUMBLRSTAFF(.)COM and it worked for my sister. Did you do it yet?

i like how they thought saying it worked for their sister would be more┬ábelievable┬áthan saying it’d worked for them. like “i’m not a wealthy nigerian prince but my brother is”.

Nov 10
This happened today.

This happened today.